“Mem Biten Menm Bagay” will be on sale on December 1st!!

Mem Biten Menm Bagay

“Mem Biten Menm Bagay”
Chyco Simeon / Meemee Nelzy

Chyco Simeon : Bass
Meemee Nelzy : Lead and Background Vocals
Philippe Nalry : Percussions
Bryan Pachaud : Drums Machine and Synth Programming

Produced by Chyco Simeon
Co produced by Bryan Pachaud
Mixed and Mastered by Bryan Pachaud
Executive producer : Chyco Simeon and Olivier Montout
Recorded by Williams Cafe at Cazanm Studio
Chyco Simeon at Alcus Studio

Photo by Pascal Martos, Larissa Juraver and Steeve Cassaux
Art direction and Design by Pascal Martos