What is your experience with rhythm boxes and how would you recommend to use it to improve my bass playing ?

I used a lot the Roland’s rhythm boxes as the TR808 and 626 and the R8 I really loved this one, but now I use very often the EXS 24 of Emagic for my drum’s programmings. At a period I worked with the Lynn Drums too… but there is a long time ago.

The rhythm boxes gave me few things :

1) For my playing bass, I worked a lot with it as a metronome with the groove. I worked with patterns beginning very slow and I wanted to control slowly in first and step by step i putted it faster and each times I wanted to control my work in each bpm.

2) For my composer’s side it helped to concretize a lot of songs even if I make it to redo by a drummer depending the song’s color of course.

What type of amp and effects do you use ?

I use an EBS’s amp (HD 350) with a 4×10, a 166A DBX Comp with a DEP3 multi FX from Roland. And I use too a BassIQ and a Octaver pedals from EBS too.