Chyco Simeon

Originally Caribbean, Chyco spent his childhood in Montrouge, a suburb south of Paris. His father, a music lover, it transmits and breathes his passion for music, jazz, salsa, classical music and of course his original homeland, the Caribbean. Listening to these sounds varied little Chyco opens multiple melodic spaces that will, no doubt, in uenced his career, his taste and his creations. In 1982, this self-taught musician and talented hand kneaded moved with his mother in Martinique, a homecoming that will bring bene ts in the body of the sun, swing in its rhythms, new inspirations and fruitful meetings. After tests on guitar, keyboards and drums, Chyco Simeon puts his warning ngers on the bass, which will become his favorite instrument. Then, being a student in high school, it becomes bass player of a group called «Sunshine». The band is as ephemeral as popular and consists of Pipo Gertrude, Tony Chasseur Eric Bonheur, Philippe Joseph, instrumentalists and performers, sound values of the musical landscape of today.

But it is from 1984 that the career of Chyco Simeon gaining momentum within the group «Crystal». His rst composition was a success frequently broadcast on the airwaves. The bass player becomes very fast a reference, invited to participate in multiple sessions in studio with some big names in Caribbean music.

These include: Simon Jurad, Gertrude Seinin or Fal Frett pillars / pioneers varieties and jazz.
Georges Debs, the rst producer of Kassav, enabled him to assert itself as a bassist / songwriter / producer.

In 1990, Michel Alibo, convinces him to return to Paris, where the new generation of Caribbean music live, work and took off. At this moment, Chyco Simeon composed for pretty voices of Zouk, Tatiana Miath, Tony Chasseur and Pipo Gertrude. One year later, he approached with sensitivity, other harmonic shores, funk and R’n’B, through Serge Ponsar (golden voice), in collaboration with Arnaud Aubaille and Romano Mussumara. While continuing to compose for the group in vogue «Ashanty» and also for Hasheem and Omar Chakil.

Chyco Simeon in 1996 created the group «Washa», an creole onomatopoeia full of punch, as one of the titles he realized, entitled «Tant de combats.»
His rst personal album «Finally» traces its furrows in new sounds, jazz, hip-hop and Caribbean and his second one «Roots mwen» gives to him, in addition to the enthusiasm of the public, the recognition of his peers, including the fabulous Marcus Miller who raved about him. His third album «Ozanam» is a moving tribute and running at the city where he grew up, a popular suburb of Schoelcher in Martinique. He is edi ed on the fusion of styles, such as a tasty «melting pot» in the image of his eclectic career. He is then put in the category «Caribbean Urban Jazz». Style «Simeon» was born.

He goes up today on a fourth cd called «99%», where mature, technology, diversity, passion will combine to open ourselves to new horizons of Chyco Simeon. A guarantee of happiness, surprise and wonder …

Marie Line Ampigny