The 3rd of june 2013
Chyco’s new album “99%” is on sale  in all the digital online shops…

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The Chyco's new album 99%


  1. My sir
  2. Fake kaye
  3. Jodi jou (feat. Antonny Drew)
  4. 99% (feat. Matthieu Ouaki)
  5. The cave
  6. Chouval wood (feat. Kali)
  7. Free sabs (feat. Nicolas Chelly)
  8. U blow my mind
  9. Redemption song (feat. Nikol Wagner & Dominique Berose)
  10. TH feet (feat. Boogie Flaha Negbeni)
  11. Siwo
  12. Almadrafedisavi
  13. Let your heart (feat. Kamil Rustam)
  14. Sabs (feat. Nicolas Chelly)

For more information, please check DISCOGRAPHY and “99%” CREDITS page!

Produced by Chyco Simeon for Chaye Productions
Mixed and co-produced by Bryan Pachaud
Mastered by Chris Athens at
All music arranged by Chyco Simeon
Associate Producer: Alain Surena
Recorded at Marcadet Studio, Paris, by Bryan Pachaud
Additional recording at Alcus Studio, Paris by Chyco Simeon, The JPD Studio, Paris, by JPhi Dary, The Mozaik Studio, Martinique, by Prim, The KR Studio, Los Angeles, by Kamil Rustam and The DB Studio, Guadeloupe, by Dominique Berose.
Assistant Engineers: Manu, Pablo d’Yvoire
Mixed at Marcadet Studio, Paris, Plaine St Denis…
Executive Producers: Alain Surena
Artist Management; Alain Surena
Photography by Romeo Barbat
Recording session photos by Pascal Martos
Art direction and design by Yae Inoue

Please check “99%” CREDITS page for credits of each song!

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